We are an international trade agency and distribution company based in London. We specialise in exports to Eastern Asian regions with our main focus in South Korea, Japan and China.

Through our network and knowledge of the unique commercial trends of East Asia, we are dedicated to assisting the best of the British and European companies in expanding their business internationally to this exciting region.

Meet the founder,
Bini Sudo

Bini is our founder and managing director with ambitions for NEXPORT to grow as a leader in International trade between Europe and East Asia.

Originally from South Korea, Bini was educated in the UK and has spent most of her life in various international communities around the world. Successfully running her own online businesses for 10 years has provided an in-depth experience and understanding of the e-commerce platforms. By bringing together her strongest assets of business experience, international connections and her love of communications, Bini set up NEXPORT Ltd in 2021, with a vision of building a company that can serve as a bridge between Europe and East Asia. Since launch, NEXPORT has already helped a number of UK clients in their journey to the region.

Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities for your products and how we can assist your company’s international growth.

South Korea

From its turbulent history, South Korea has come a long way in the last half a century, achieving economic growth that no other nation has ever managed in such a short time. This is a country that never stops challenging and breaking boundaries.

South Korea is currently the fifth largest country in the world for e-commerce, overtaking France and Germany in 2019. This trend is to continue for the country to secure its position as one of the most important powers in the business world. South Korea’s cultural influence is so strongly implanted in Asia that what sells in Korea sells in China and the rest of the region follows. This is a market with a huge potential that is still missed out by too many European businesses simply because they are unfamiliar.

Partnership with Nexport means you will be provided with a reliable insight and a complete guidance during the entire exportation process of your products.

Why choose Nexport

Reliable Local

Through our ongoing efforts to stay on top of the markets of the both continents, we take pride in being prepared for clients of all sizes and sectors. East Asia is a region that evolves at a rapid speed and knowing the local trends is vital for European businesses to succeed.

Variety of

Our clients in East Asia come from a range of industries with different sales options that are suitable for different types of products. We will carefully select the best channels for your products in order to maximise your revenue.

Highest Quality of
Business Liaison

We are a small team of hard working members with the native level language skills for the region. Our professional backgrounds help us best navigate a range of business models to find solutions for each client.

Value for

Ambitious to expand your business globally but don’t want the huge expenses under vague labels? You are at the right place. We provide a transparent fee system for the different types of assistance you require. Initial consultation is free and no upfront fee until we bring you results.